Christine Minnée

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, 1951, Christine Minnée has been living in France since 1996. Her professional background includes marketing, writing, public speaking and teaching adults, all creative endeavours. But when she took a dive into visual arts, a whole new world opened up.

All her artwork is made from discarded objects that she reinvents, transforms, reassembles, paints, and alters to create something new and unexpected.

Except materials like paint, glue, varnish, or screws, nothing is bought, all is found in and around her own house, given to her from friends, or retrieved from the junk yard. Thus, a bucket full of shotgun shells may turn into a sculpture; a satellite dish becomes the base of a collage; a screen taking turns between the floor and the wall as an abstract triptych; the lid of an old gas stove finds a new life as an artistic magnetic board; or hundreds of flattened bottle caps get to be a one of a kind mosaic.

As Christine Minnée puts it herself; “With my art, I make connections between a contribution to our environment, big fun, and a personnel challenge.”