Els van Engelshoven-Naber

Els van Engelshoven-Naber (E.v.E.N.) was born in Sittard in 1946 and grew up in Maastricht, the extreme south of the Netherlands. She started drawing at the age of fourteen but it took about twenty-five years before she became a productive artist. Except drawing and later painting she also moulded clay, made statues of paper-maché and linocuts. The last 20 years she only painted. Her work often displays a colourful mix of forms in which the subject, like a table, flower or pot, is good recognizable but never portrayed photographically. She is concentrated on the composition and not on the details of the subject. Abstract painting doesn’t have her preference. Subjects may refer to an event, a journey or a book and sometimes they are commissioned by her teacher. Some subjects come regularly back. She made, for instance, many paintings with lilies, letters, shells or interiors but always in different shapes, compositions and colours.

Els experiences each painting as a wrestling, as a fight to realize on paper what she has in mind. A composition, an impression or a colour. This may go fast, as a knock-out, some lines, the true colours and finished. If people like the result she feels guilty: “I made it in only 10 minutes, it can’t be good”. The next day she is in doubt and wants to make changes. This urgency takes weeks during which the painting is put in her living room, whether or not on its head, and observed under different angles form an easy chair to see if the proportions are good. She always works with acrylic on paper, sometimes on linen. For exhibition purposes and for sale the paper is pasted on cardboard and the whole is framed.
The presented paintings during this exhibition give a good impression of her work.

1946: Born in Sittard, the Netherlands. Her grandfather, a school teacher, and het father an orthopaedic surgeon, were also enthusiastic amateur painters.
1958-1964: Maastricht, the Netherlands, secondary school.
1964-1968: training physiotherapy and radiography
1969: marriage with Jos van Engelshoven
1970-1978: four children
1981: sculpting lessons Appie Drielsma and jef Courtens (Maastricht)
1982-1984: painting lessons Franscz Witte (Hulsberg)
1984-2000: painting lessons Joke Martens (Maastricht, Roermond)
2000-now: working in own studio and painting lessons Joke Martens.
2011: exposition in Tongeren, Belgium
2015: publication book entitled E.v.E.N. (the abbreviation which she often uses to sign her paintings) with an overview of her work as a painter. (see: http://online.flipbuilder.com/rosaforma/kkfd/files/basic-html/page1.html )